A podcast network that connects sophisticated listeners with top publishers and thinkers.

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Panoply allows listeners to eavesdrop on the brightest minds in journalism today discussing topics ranging from politics to sports, parenting, and more.

    World-Class Partners

    Why joining the Panoply network helps you start podcasting, makes you money, and puts you in great company.

    We Get Podcasting

    With more than a decade of experience, the people who created Panoply know how to turn a publication's "voice" into must-listen audio. Whether you already have a great podcast, or are looking for someone to produce one with you, Panoply can help build your listenership.

    Monetize Your Audience

    Slate hosts helped invent the unique style that dominates today's podcast advertising. Nobody has more experience in the medium. Whether it's direct marketing spots for innovative startups or brand campaigns for blue chip companies, our sales team can find the right brands to connect with your audience.

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    Already podcasting? Learn how working with us can grow your audience, improve your shows, and increase sales. New to podcasting? We'll make your signature voices sound their best and help you build an audience without starting from scratch.

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    World-Class Advertisers

    Engage with a premium audience of thought leaders, cultural taste-makers and business decision-makers.

    Panoply, the Premium Podcast Network

    With over a decade of award-winning podcasts and deep knowledge of the medium, Slate built Panoply, the premium podcast network of top publishers and thinkers. We offer our listeners the highest-quality audio content, and we offer our marketing partners maximum engagement with extraordinary audiences within a brand-safe environment.

    Intimate Messaging

    The intimacy of preroll and midroll host-read messaging is memorable and effective. The advertiser provides talking points and the host integrates the message into the context of the show. Customized, flexible, and in-stream messaging allows our partners to connect with our audiences like trusted friends.

    Integrated Programs

    Gain even more powerful connectivity, engagement, and scale by combining podcast sponsorships with experiential programs and social media on Slate and our partner sites.

    • Mike Pesca's Host-read Ad for Prudential on The Gist
      Mike Pesca's Host-read Ad for Prudential on The Gist
    • Julia Turner's Host-read Ad for Paramount on The Culture Gabfest
      Julia Turner's Host-read Ad for Paramount on The Culture Gabfest
    • David Plotz's Host-read Ad for Bing on The Political Gabfest
      David Plotz's Host-read Ad for Bing on The Political Gabfest
    Advertise With Us

    Our ads feel like recommendations from a trusted friend. Contact us today to learn how you can get your message in front of Panoply's audience of smart, passionate and plugged-in consumers.

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    Panoply Media was created by the people behind Slate's award-winning audio network, one of the world's first podcast networks and still one of the most popular. With so many new podcasts popping up, we believe listeners want a place where they can easily find quality programs from people and organizations they trust. With our shows, listeners can expect the highest quality of content, curated by Panoply’s team of audio experts.

    Panoply creates and acquires outstanding audio-on-demand programs in audience- and advertiser-friendly categories such as news and politics, culture and lifestyle, sports, women’s issues, technology, business, and more. If you think your company or podcast has what it takes to join Panoply, or if you'd like to advertise on our star-studded network, contact us today.


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