At Panoply our vision is to amplify voices everywhere.

We build technology that allows publishers to achieve the most from their work, and advertisers to connect with passionate audiences.

Who we are

Panoply Media is a US-based podcast technology and ad services company with offices in Brooklyn and DC. Through Megaphone, our industry-leading hosting and ad insertion platform, we enable publishers to easily manage and monetize their podcast business. At the same time, our world-class ad services team connects major brands with diverse podcast audiences through Megaphone Targeted Marketplace.

We've leveraged our own experience as podcasters and that of our customers to develop innovative technology for the modern podcast ecosystem – and we're just getting started.

Panoply became an independent content network and launched a slate of award-winning podcasts, including Malcolm Gladwell's Revisionist History, GE's The Message / Life After, Happier with Gretchen Rubin, and many more.

In January 2016, we launched Megaphone, our proprietary platform for podcast hosting, ad-insertion, and analytics.

In July 2017, we launched Megaphone Targeted Marketplace (MTM), the first audience-based targeting marketplace in podcasting. Powered by Nielsen Marketing Cloud, MTM connects major brand advertisers with thousands of audience segments based on a listener's demographic profile, purchase intent, interests, and more.

By December 2017, Megaphone had exceeded half a billion annual downloads with hundreds of shows on the platform.

In September 2018, Panoply became a dedicated technology company, with a focus on developing innovative tools for publishers and advanced targeting and measurement capabilities for brand advertisers.

Our offices

Icon: Washington DC
1255 23rd St. NW
Suite 650
Washington DC, 20037
Icon: Brooklyn
15 MetroTech Center
8th Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11201

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