41 Min Released Feb 21, 2017

Dear Prudence: The “Cats Can Be Gay” Edition

If you don’t like it when people say “no problem,” then you’re the one with the problem, Prudie says. Then onto your questions: How do I talk to my adopted black daughter about race? My husband won’t keep his hands off me in public! I’m gay – what next? Speaking of coming out, why does my friend call inanimate objects lesbians? Prudence is joined by friend and biochemist Brandon Taylor. Hear more Prudence by joining Slate Plus: Slate.com/Prudiepod.

Slate's Dear Prudence

Slate's Dear Prudence

Advice, commentary, and conversation from Mallory Ortberg, author of Slate's Dear Prudence column.

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Hang Up: The Shack Atop a Telegraph Pole Edition

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Sep 11, 2017