38 Min Released May 30, 2018

Innovation is Stuck Inside a Cube

The next great idea is sitting in your office's cubes (or row of open floor desks). Bold creativity, cultural insight and new ways of working are sitting within our organizations amongst junior level talent that isn't given a voice or platform in our decision-making meetings. Rarely are they tapped or encouraged to bring their side passions and hustles into the boardroom which is why some are choosing to exit the industry in pursuit of this passion-meets-purpose utopia. Alexa and Laura sit down with two young guns, Michael Tonge and Cody Levine, who decided to leave ad agency life and turn their side hustle into real businesses.  Listen to their advice for our industry's senior leadership, how they naturally bring their interests and passions into their jobs (authenticity!) and jot down some solid one-liners we'll all be repeating in our next meeting. Don't miss their #KILLBUYDIY.



The "way its been done" isn't allowed

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