The Trip

The Trip

Drinking with exceptional people around the world with the late Anthony Bourdain’s partners, from Oaxaca to the Himalayas. from jungle hallucinogenic potions to Russian carraway moonshine. Hosted by foreign correspondent Nathan Thornburgh. Beats by Dan the Automator. Artwork by Edel Rodriguez. Kanpai, y'all,

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Episode 15: Hammered Vegans with Shannon Martinez

The Trip

One of Australia's great chefs of vegan cuisine is an avowed meat-eater.

47 Min

Nov 25, 2018

Episode 14: Dreams of Pickled Heron in Galway

The Trip

One of Ireland's greatest chefs, JP McMahon, talks about Food on the Edge and reimagining Irish cuisine

37 Min

Nov 18, 2018

Episode 13: Sipping through Austria

The Trip

Writer, editor and Vienna native Alexa van Sickle talks about her boozy roadtrip through Austria

32 Min

Nov 11, 2018

34 min
Nov 4, 2018

Niki Nakazawa and Nathan talk about her journey from the US to the burgeoning mezcal market of Oaxaca.

33 min
Oct 28, 2018

Paulina Garcia talks with Nathan about mushroom tea, coyote skins and how her group of Norteños ended up living in Oaxaca.

36 min
Oct 21, 2018

Raiding the corporate pantry with Samin Nosrat, the unstoppable chef and author behind Salt Fat Acid Heat.

26 min
Oct 14, 2018

Nicole Choi talks identity, powdered milk, and post-war Korean cornbread

38 min
Oct 8, 2018

The Trip visits Russia to drink northern drinks with the owner of the legendary Bar Khroniki

30 min
Oct 1, 2018

Drinking some bad news away with José Andrés and Matt Goulding

26 min
Feb 22, 2018

What happens when a spiritual awakening messes with your favorite food memories

27 min
Feb 15, 2018

The story of the strange, glorious life of Andalucia's cave-dwellers

23 min
Feb 8, 2018

How an unassuming KFC chicken sandwich became a permanent part of Pakistani food culture.

27 min
Feb 1, 2018

In search of the most famous sex star of pre-Revolutionary Cuba

26 min
Jan 25, 2018

Madagascar's Turning of the Bones can teach us a lot about how to cope with death and loss.

32 min
Jan 18, 2018

A clear-eyed journey through the Amazon, hallucinogens, to sickness and back to health.

1 min
Jan 16, 2018

Anthony Bourdain brings you an early look at The Trip

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