56 Min Released Nov 8, 2016

Super Tuesday: Ep. 65

Join us next week in Toronto! We’ll be recording a live show at Beth Tzedec Congregation Thursday, November 17 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets here.
Surprise! We’re getting our Unorthodox on a little early this week, with a jam-packed episode for you to listen to while you wait on line to vote. Our first Jewish guest is Stephanie’s maternal grandfather, Albert Rothaus, calling in from Boca Raton, Florida. The lifelong Democrat tells us about being a Hillary voter in Trumpland and putting friendships on ice during the election. Our second Jewish guest is Tablet columnist Jamie Kirchick, who tells us which Republicans have most disappointed him this election season and the worst thing he’s been called on Twitter. Our third Jewish guest is National Review Washington editor Eliana Johnson, who describes the mood in her office these days and tells us why she’s not voting the top of the ticket. Our Gentile of the Week is legendary Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward, who offers his election predictions and tells us whether he ever gets sick of ‘-gate’ being added to the end of every political scandal. Also, producer Noah Levinson reports from a Melania Trump event.

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