59 Min Released Oct 29, 2017

Relatively Speaking: Ep. 109

This week, we're live from JCC Manhattan!

Our Jewish guest is writer A.J. Jacobs—our first-ever guest back in 2015—whose latest book is It's All Relative: Adventures Up and Down the World's Family Tree. He tells us about his unlikely entry into the world of genealogy, the famous—and infamous—relatives he discovered, and, in a 'Maury'-style twist, reveals which hosts are related to him.

Our gentile of the week is actor Kobi Libii, who played Cantor Duvid on Season 3 of 'Transparent' and currently appears on Comedy Central's 'The Opposition With Jordan Klepper'. He tells us about meeting with rabbis and other Jewish leaders to prepare for the 'Transparent' role, which required him to speak Hebrew, pivoting to political satire, and what he does to unwind from the constant news cycle he now covers.

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