Whine & Roses: The Bachelor & The Bachelorette

Whine & Roses: The Bachelor & The Bachelorette

Stephanie Green and Jeff Drake discuss America's only network-approved way to find true love -- on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

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Bachelor In Paradise S04.E09: Week 5

Whine & Roses: The Bachelor & The Bachelorette

The interminable fourth season of Paradise winds its way to a confusing and anticlimactic close.

45 Min

Sep 12, 2017

Bachelor In Paradise S04.E08: Week 4, Part 2

Whine & Roses: The Bachelor & The Bachelorette

The twins return, so does bi-sexual Jaimi, and still...nothing happens.

26 Min

Sep 6, 2017

Bachelor In Paradise S04.E07: Week 4, Part 1

Whine & Roses: The Bachelor & The Bachelorette

Blake is back and he still doesn't eat carbs, Ben Z goes home to his dog, and Scallop Fingers is courted.

43 Min

Sep 5, 2017

40 min
Aug 30, 2017

Corinne doesn't remember anything, but still "tells all." Also: Mexican wrestlers and boners!

44 min
Aug 29, 2017

Jasmine and Christen fight over... Matt? And more!

28 min
Aug 23, 2017

ABC tortures us with yet another after-school special on The Scandal That Won't Die, while going light on the Paradise drama.

47 min
Aug 22, 2017

We finally thin the Paradise herd with a long-awaited rose ceremony.

42 min
Aug 16, 2017

A wedding, a lecture, and some failed attempts at romance: Paradise has it!

43 min
Aug 8, 2017

Rachel picks Bryan, as we always knew she would, and is blissfully "happy" about it.

34 min
Aug 1, 2017

The men discuss their time on the season and finally solve racism.

37 min
Jul 25, 2017

Rachel makes her family meet the men and then jets off to Rioja to cavort with her final three.

45 min
Jul 18, 2017

Rachel heads home(town) with her remaining four men, with mixed results. Who will she eliminate based on their terrible family?

40 min
Jul 11, 2017

Rachel and the dudes check out Geneva, where they try on watches and attend Mass. EXCITING!

40 min
Jun 28, 2017

Rachel and her suitors continue their Scandy adventure with Viking games, boat tours, and elderly Swedes!

40 min
Jun 27, 2017

Rachel and the men jet off to Norway for rappelling, hand-ball, and hot-tubbing! Also: drama brews between Kenny and Lee, culminating in a dreaded two-on-one date.

40 min
Jun 20, 2017

Rachel puts the men through their underwhelming paces, and many bad attempts spelling and freestyle rapping ensue!

33 min
Jun 6, 2017

Rachel continues her arduous journey to find love with stripping, mud wrestling, and, mercifully, no whaboom-ing!

32 min
May 30, 2017

Rachel Lindsay literally gets dunked on…but returns the favor with authority.

36 min
May 23, 2017

Rachel Lindsay submits herself to Bachelorettehood, with mixed (but mostly absurdly bad) results!

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